Chest and back superset workout for mass

In addition to the upper-inner pecs, dumbbell pull-overs are great for expanding the ribcage and developing the important serratus muscles. The machines will give you a tiny reprieve, but that doesn't mean you should slack off! Many people who say that the Bench Press does nothing to build the pecs are probably using too much weight and have sacrificed form for ego.


I am sure you are not too much past 20 if 20, so let your body do the work and the natural test will take over with good workouts and lifting good weights for you and sometimes I believe the best growth comes with sticking by the basics and hitting those squats and deads and I even further believe best stimulation comes from back work more than direct biceps work.

Chest and Back Superset Workout - At Home Dumbbell Workout for Strength and Size


Chest and back superset workout for mass

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Arm and chest workouts at gym

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