Best exercises for lower chest fat

A mass under the nipple area of the breast with or without pain when touched or squeezed. Excess fat and underdeveloped muscle tone are the reasons why men have flabby chests. Any exercise can and will build muscle when performed with enough resistance, focus and intensity.


B1: Bench 1 x 5, 2 x 8 DB Flyes 2 x 8-12 DB OH Press 3 x 6, 1 x 10 Side Laterals 2 x 10 Skulls 2 x 10 B2: Bench 1 x 5, 2 x 8 Dips 2 x 8-12 BB OH Press 3 x 6, 1 x 10 Side Laterals 2 x 10 Skulls 2 x 10 Workout on Mon, Wed, Fri.

How To Lose Chest Fat in 1 Week - 3 Simple Steps


Best exercises for lower chest fat

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Workouts to build arms and chest

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