Best chest workout to build muscle

If you hit the gym determined to strengthen your chest and triceps in an effort to lose weight, your heart is in the right place. You'll need, however, a slight adjustment of your workout regimen in order to make the most of your gym time and get results.

Exercises for chest without equipment

Though this is an extreme display of built-up pecs pectoral muscles , that many men aspire to, having a strong, toned chest is equally essential for both men and women—and goes way beyond fitness aesthetics. Your chest muscles are some of the most powerful muscles in your upper body and they play a key role when it comes to pushing movements—from pushing the door open to lathering up your hair in the shower.

How to get bigger pectorals at home

There are plenty of articles out there that will claim to show you the best chest workout routine of all time. What better way to show the best version of something than by first showing an example of the worst version… and then laughing at it?

Chest and tricep workout without weights

No matter how strong you get or how much you pump up your pecs, the innermost portions of the pec muscles—where the muscle fibers attach to the breastbone—seem to lack size and definition. But the truth is that—with dedicated, consistent effort—anyone CAN carve out a deeper inner-pec groove.

Best exercises for pecs without equipment

As a beginner, it is important to understand correct motor patterns into the brain for safe and effective exercise. It is also recommended that a beginners training should place an emphasis on compound exercises, with isolation exercises added to prevent any weak points developing.

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