Best chest exercises for at home

And then from there, you can perform the full fly but with your hands positioned closer to your knees to decrease the load. Slide your left hand further left until your hands are shoulder-width apart again.


Workout was as follows: MONDAY Seated shoulder press - using 40 pounds 3 sets of 5 Close grip bench press - using 170 pounds 3 sets of 5 Cable holds - using 30 pounds 3 sets of 5 holding for 30 seconds WEDNESDAY Bench press - using 170, then 160 then 150 set of 5 with each weight Squat - using 170, then 160 then 150 set of 5 with each weight Renegade lunges - using a 45 pound dumbell 3 sets of 5 lunges Pull Ups - 3 sets of 5 FRIDAY Deadlift - 190, then 180 then 170 set of 5 with each weight Light bench press - 150, then 140 then 130 set of 5 with each weight Bicep curls - using 30 pounds 3 sets of 5.

9 BEST Home Chest Exercises (NO EQUIPMENT)


Best chest exercises for at home

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Best exercises for huge chest

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